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Traditional Family Practice since 2003 has been a board certified family physician center (private practice) in Torrance and is one of the city’s premier facilities for wide range medical services. Our Center is located in the convenient location and is right next to Torrance Medical Laboratories. Sometimes it is crucial to get results from labs in a timely manner. Our Office is equipped with latest in technology equipment and ready to provide best in practice service.

DR. Ludmila W. Afonicheva is a primary care physician. If the situation is complex and one or several sub-specialties need to be involved, Dr. LA will do the best resourcing to find you the right specialist. She puts all pieces of the puzzle together, no duplication or overlap of missing parts. You can rely on someone who has your best interest at heart.

Recertified in 2013 Primary care relation and referral of patients to knowledgeable and caring specialists. Quality of doctor and patient relationship is the key to success. You must find somebody you can trust to be comfortable with. Only then will the problem be managed and solved. Dr. Ludmila Afonicheva is one of many physicians who provides traditional medical care to their patients.

Message from the Care Coordinator

Ludmila Afonicheva
Medical Doctor
When you’re ill you don’t need to see a specialist right away, many things can be taken care of at the family physician’s office.
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Today and Tomorrow

Over a decade our company has been expanding over time, providing its services to a great number of patients. Our services improved over time. We gained a huge experience in many different fields and able to state that there is no better clinic in town. We highly recommend to give us a visit and see for yourself.

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